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My name is Fannie Zamore in 1957 I became a teacher at Tinker Elem. School on MacDill AFB.
At that time it was under the government, not Hillsborough County. I taught there until the summer of 1962. Since the school was close to the housing, parents were always welcome and were very supportive. It was quite a change when for the first time we had a non-com as president of P.T.A. The facilities of the base were available to the school. We had a wonderful summer program that included horseback riding.
I felt close to my students. It was part of their young life to make changes - moving from one state to another, even from one country to another. There was one second grader that had to move out of state during the 1958 school year. She was a dear, sweet shy little girl. I started a correspondence with her which has continued to this day. She is now a grandmother!
One of my students was Jimmy Tibbets. I remember Col. Paul Tibbets coming to a teacher conference. He was dressed in his uniform complete with his boots and carrying his swagger stick. He was impressive and showed a parent’s interest and concern for his son.
Our faculty worked very well together. We had genuine friendships. We were not obligated to use the Florida State adopted textbooks. If we felt that the classes would do better with another textbook, we were free to use it. One year we departmentalized sixth grade. The students changed classes and teachers for a few subjects. This was to get them accustomed to entering seventh grade junior high school where that was the system.
Since Tinker was on base, we were integrated; but the Hillsborough County schools were not at that time. It was always a great disappointment to the graduating sixth grade students when they went off base to attend Junior High. They were separated by color, and tears were shed. No longer is that a problem.
The following are two pictures. One is Tinker Elementary School 1959-1960 and the other is the faculty. I am in the back row, the fifth from the right. Our faculty had a great time at holiday get-togethers. We loved the base, the parents, the children. It was a wonderful experience.
Fannie Zamore

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