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My MacDill is…

My parents were both natives of Leesburg, Florida and my dad, AJ Vickers, joined the Army Air Corps when he graduated high school in 1943. He was a B-29 pilot flying from Guam. After the war, my parents married and he requested to be posted at Florida bases as much as possible to be near their parents. He was able to get assigned to MacDill on three different postings. The attached photo from 10-Jan-49 was of him in the Flight Service unit. I had been born a couple weeks before this picture and was still in Leesburg with my mother. My father is the third from the right in the back row. I believe some of the personnel are still wearing Army Air Corps uniforms rather than Air Force uniforms. My earliest memories are of being a small child in Okinawa during the end of the Korean Conflict. We moved back to MacDill after that where we lived there in 1955 through 1957. I remember the sound of the B-47s and B-52s drowning out my second grade teacher on a routine basis.

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