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My MacDill is…

I love MacDill Air Force Base. I was born there on 03-04-52. The hospital at that time was out by the beach past the golf course. My father Chief Master Sgt Carmon A. Abercrombie was stationed there in 1946 and was at MacDill until he retired in April 1961 except for a two year stint in Japan and several TDY's.
My sister Teresa was born in the new hospital in 1958 next to the golf course.
My oldest sister Gwen was married at the base chapel in 1958. She and her husband Sgt. Floyd G Close then lived on Bridges Loope. I spent many wonderful week-ends spending the night at their house. Her husband was a navigator and he and his team won many flying competitions for MacDill.
I attended elementary at Ballast Point. The school was right under the base flight pattern and in those days their sound was so loud the teacher Mrs.Thackston had to stop speaking for several minutes until they passed over as we could not hear her.
I had asthma as a child and was treated by MacDill's first allergist the wonderful Captain Dr. John McCloskey who helped me tremendously.
We loved going to the Olympic sized base pool and went to many movies. We lived off base but most of my friends were " military brats " so we had a lot in common and understood each other. When a new kid came to school we were always ready to accept them because we knew we might be the new kid next time.
My father loved MacDill and the Air Force, and after he retired he would always begin a conversation with strangers by saying " I am retired from the Air Force with 21 years and 22 days." He worked in supply on Hangers Loop.
I remember when I was 5 meeting him in the evening as he returned home from a TDY on the tarmac where the plane landed and with a military brass band playing patriotic songs. What a great memory.
One thing my family loved about the Air Force was the camaraderie with the other Air Force families. They always accepted you, took you in and were also your family. You could always depend on them. They were always there for you.
I had my wedding rehearsal dinner in June 1976 at the NCO club.
It was bittersweet as I then had to say good-bye to the beloved MacDill.
My family will always love the Air Force and this wonderful base which was our home.
May this wonderful base have 75 more glorious years !

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