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My MacDill is…

I have nothing but wonderful memories of MacDill AFB. When my father (MSGT Melvin Lindhart) was in the Air Force, we were stationed here in Tampa in 1969. We left to go overseas to Izmit Turkey but then came back in 1973. We were always out at MacDill AFB doing something fun. My favorite was visiting the mess hall for breakfast or the NCO club for dinner.
I don't know if a lot of people know this, but MacDill uses Volunteers to help with day to day operations. My mom, Sieglinde Lindhart is one of them. She works at the base pharmacy 2 days a week helping bottle up and label medicine for active and retired personnel. She has been doing that now for nearly 20 years and she loves it. I asked her one time why she does it and she said that the Air Force was good to our family and now its time to give back. She is 80 years old now and still volunteers out there. I am proud of her ! The picture attached is of her.

What's Yours?

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