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My MacDill is…

About the summer of 1958 I WAS ASSIGNED TO THE 1928TH AACS Sqdn. I learned to fly at the MacDill aero club, Joe Self was my instructor. Shortly after soloing I was at the aero club to log some solo time, I noticed my Sqdn having a beer party at the picnic grounds across the road. I decided to put them on an airshow so I took off in a 7AC Champ with the intention of making an approach holding the airplane just inches off the dirt runway until I got to the end of the runway it ended in Tampa Bay, all went well I was screaming down the runway as fast as the 65hp Champ would go and when I got to the end of the runway I hauled back on the stick hard. Well when I did the tail hit the ground and pushed the nose down and I was looking straight into Tampa Bay, I cleaned myself and the airplane up and came back around and landed, I then walked over to the beer party and a major met me and said: Harold you almost bought it, I replied oh no I practice that all the time.

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